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Anonymous: Women in the 1950 were actually quite thin. You're not.






this just shat on everything you was saying

but nope I have same measurements as Marilyn apart from she has bigger boobies and I am thin xo

onsidering rationing in the uk was still in force during the early 1950’s, it’s not rational (hehe) to assume that women or men were particularly weighty.
Yes there would have been advertising that tried to prey on women’s desire to look more “healthy” but the reality was far from the truth.
Besides you can’t speak for an entire sex saying that everyone was a certain way, in america in particular there would certainly have been thicker women, but with food being so scarce in the UK we were unfortunately still quite a skinny bunch.

You have gone off topic but to shit on everything you just said here


top row 1940-60 bottom row 2000-2014

It looks more like we are rationing food now than ever, but all these women are beautiful but now you understands what a 1950’s body is, of course beauty standards were different back then and preferred “fuller” figured women

If you’re going on what models looked like it was often the opposite of what people looked like normally.
Are you too thin from not eating because there isn’t enough food? Here are some larger women, be like them!
Are you too fat from eating too much food? Here are some skinny women, be like them!
The original anon said that women were quite thin in the 1950s and they were right, I was just saying he was right and that just because models look a certain way doesn’t mean that everyone else does.

You’re not very smart are you.